Soul Telegram aims to point you to a movie, TV show, music or reading that offers connection instead of separation, creativity instead of sterility, and courage instead of fear.


A note from Gareth Higgins:  My friend the Scottish architect-photographer Colin Fraser Wishart teaches me that the purpose of architecture is "to help us live better". I've come to believe this to be true of all art, all storytelling especially. The task of the critic is to be in dialogue with the artist and the audience, to help us make sense of what is going on in the world, and in our hearts; it's my privilege and joy to collaborate with my friend Kathleen Norris to share with you some of the stories that are helping us live better, and to participate in a conversation together about art, meaning, community, courage, honoring each other's needs, and the world around us. 


A note from Kathleen Norris:  Ever since I was ten years old I have had the urge to share my love of works of art. In the late 1950s when my dad bought the album of the Broadway musical West Side Story I was frustrated that few of my friends shared my enthusiasm for either the music or the story. That experience replicated itself throughout my teenaged years. It was socially acceptable to like the Beatles and the movie Goldfinger, but not Frank Sinatra's Only the Lonely album, or the films of Ingmar Bergman. His The Silence remains one of my favorite films but I recall being frustrated as a teenager that I had no one with whom to discuss it.


I hope that the readers of Soul Telegram will enjoy our reflections on art and engage with me and Gareth about the ways in which we've been moved by a film, a book, a piece of music or another form of storytelling. Art is a human essential, with the power to change minds and hearts. So let's begin.